Question according battery

Hello all,

I have a brand new battery for my fliteboard and loaded it to 100 % because I wanted to go on the water the next day. Unfortunately I ruptured the Achilles tendon and am not aible the next months to go on my board.
I read that you should have your cell about 50 % loaded when it won‘t be used for such a long time.

Is it possible to reduce the load of my battery without going in the water and use the board?

I don‘t want to break the battery but maintain it correctly.

Best regards and thank you for your help!


It’s not good to store it fully charged for so long. Ask someone to ride it for half an hour to reduce the charge. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Hi Mike thanks for your tip! I do not have the possibility to make it that way. That‘s why I ask for another way to reduce it.

There is no other way, unfortunately.
Ride it on your stomach or knees for 30 min?