Question according flow wings

Hello together,

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the “Glide” and “Surf” categories for flow wings? I assume that “Glide” means that the E-Foil moves longer above the water surface without a motor. If my assumption is correct - what is the difference to “Surf”.


Maybe I have the chance to go to France to the Atlantic in this autumn. Which wing would you prefer on a pro? Fow 900, Flow 1.100 or Flow 1.300?

I am happy to read your comments.


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Does nobody has an idea what means “surf”?

G’day from OZ (Australia) Ralf, I don’t know why others haven’t answered your questions. But here is my opinion. The difference between Surf and Glide wings are, Glide wings are designed for maximum glide performance @ the expense of turning and roll response. Surf wings. are designed to glide roll & turn quickly, creating a loose, responsive feel & handle turbulence better.
As far as wing choice, it will depend on your weight, skill level & wave size. I am 70kg & ride waves in the 1 to 1.2metre range. Flow 1300 is my go to wing… 1100 would be my choice for bigger steeper, faster waves. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. Gluman. My tendency is also for the Flow 1300 because I am no pro and a beginner and want to start with smaller waves (of course it depends on the weather and water conditions). The fact that I am not going before end of August I have some time to think about :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Greetings Ralf, no mate I’m not on Flite-app,I don’t like people tracking me. in fact I’m currently not a Fliteboard owner. I sold mine 4 months ago ( I had one of the first boards (2018) and have ridden other models. . I’m currently surfing a new FOILDRIVE MAX using Armstrong foils and looking forward to the release of the FliteLab models.

For what its worth I spent many sessions surfing using the standard cruiser and flyer wings. They work but not as good as the Flow1300

Be careful, the PRO unlike the ULTRA doesn’t have a surf leash plug ride the swell & stay away from other surfers.

Have a good day.