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Welcome back to our show! Today we are finally testing the long anticipated new RADINN jetboards.
:white_check_mark: We meet Fredrik Ardmar, CMO, Radinn AB and his team who are travelling through Portugal and Spain and share their epic adventures while testing the new Radinn Carve Models.
:white_check_mark: In this episode we are testing the FREERIDE model and of course the smaller CARVE models TARIFA and PHANTOM which are perfect for carving and provide top speeds of 52 KM/H for up to 45 min riding time.

Special Thanks to @Radinn team for providing amazing FPV drone footage for this video.

@Jetsurfingnation Another awesome video, Mike! Well done! Seems like you did like the Carve as well. These are great boards. Your carving was much better than mine, but the temperature in Berlin a few days before was very different and I was may be not motivated enough for risky maneuvers. The water was just too cold :wink: Keep it going and I see you in Portugal once possible.

Do you guys always have nice weather in Portugal?
Nice video!

Hehe not really, especially in winter but I try hard to pick a right day and right time to film :slight_smile:

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It is certainly better than in Berlin :wink:

Spring is coming! Very soon I will ride my Radinn Carve :wink: