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Radinn demo at boot 2020

Radinn marketing manager Frederik explaining the 2020 Radinn boards …

Not much new, correct?

How they was there? Not declared in the program even without a stand!

They are focussing on yacht owners. They were on the Azimut Yachts booth in hall 6.

Frederik had no business card and promised that he just sent an email to me. It never arrived. My view is they don’t care about end-users and are looking for 3rd parties like Azimut to do the sales and customer support,

Ha, ha …

See the Awake bag in the picture :wink:

We are a Radinn dealer, and I can say that they do actually focus on private end customers as well. Their after sales support is also very good, whenever there have been problems they have been responsive and sent replacement parts right away at no cost to the customer.

We invite you to try the Radinn Board at our base in Laboe or at one of our test events in the spring throughout Germany, and form your own opinion of the G2X. I think it rocks.