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Radinn Jetboard review 2021

We did test the Radinn Carve and Radinn Freeride Jetboards for you. Have a look at the latest eSurfboards from Radinn and check out the latest e-surfer review:

and the video:

Nice. Which one did you like?

Nice Review. We have the new Radinn boards in stock and available for test rides at

Hi Mike,

I personally would prefer the Carve.


Thanks for sharing.

When will the radical mode come? How much is it?

It will come in Q1 2021.

Pricing is already out:

I like the color of the Tarifa. Can it handle a 90 kg rider?

yes it can handle 90kg rider. i am 85

I wanna Carve. It looks so cool!

I understand eFoils are a completely different story, but it looks like Radinn is leading in terms of electric Jetboards 2021?

Leading by which parameter? They are most active on social media among all brands yes but don’t forget Jetsurf Electric, Ewave and Awake.

They don’t really lead in anything other then social media. Their board isn’t the fastest or lightest or cheapest or most expensive or with the longest range. They don’t lead in sales nor distributors or whatever. That being said, I don’t think it’s a bad product, the new carver looks quite good

I would say there is no leader at this time. The right board depends on multiple factors. Weight and skills of the rider. Where and how he wants to ride, etc. Find a local reseller to try the boards or if not possible use the e-surfer guide:

The design looks really nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Hope there is more to come 2021…