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Radinn out of business?

I don’t hear anything anymore about Radinn. Latest news was from spring.

They are also not replying to emails. Are they still in business?


They are active on Instagram so I guess they are still in business

They are trying to launch the new model

this was a week ago, so it’s hard to say that we dont hear anything since spring…

Things go very slow in this industry

I just received the new version of the board and it is a total failure. The motor cuts in and out causing the board to jerk violently

Ouch. How is their customer support, @David_Fimone ?

Well, they have an app, that may or may not report issues. There are so many issues with this board. Lets discuss the battery… The board does not recognize the battery on most installs. So you have to pull the battery out with your fingertips and this thing is very heavy

can you make some video or fotos of all the new features and what works and what does not? how is turning? does it have fins?

We are now a Radinn Dealer and have boards in stock. We have used the Radinn boards and have been very happy with their performance. You are welcome to come and test the board, so you can form an opinion based on your own experience. Just visit us at deepvee.de or come by our store in Laboe, close to Kiel.

I found these guys extremely unresponsive. Looks like they don’t care about their customers.

From their social media activities it looks like these guys are preferring to spend their investors and customers money in parties and champagne at nice locations all over the place …

Hi Buzzer, do you own a Radinn board? If you are in Germany, feel free to contact us us for support, as we are a Radinn dealer. We have very good and easy communication with Radinn, and if any of our customers has a problem with any board which we sold, we take care of it.
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any assistance you might require.
The G2X is a fantastic board, and compared to other boards available on the market today it is really good value for money.

It’s great to hear that the Radinn team is at least talking to their resellers, but the overall feedback seems to be that they are unresponsive to their users. Looking at their social media activities these guys must spent money like hell on travelling and promotions. At the same time we see only a very small number of people who actually got a board. How does this math work?

For me it looks very much like that these guys make up their startup in order to sell it with profit to a stupid investor. They don’t seem to care about their (potential) users.

Radinn has 60,000 Facebook followers compared to Onean (17k), which were much earlier in the market and got some first mover attention. Fliteboard (14k), Lift Foils (18k) and Lampuga (7k).

Does this make sense?

They put all the money on travelling and promotions. No doubt, they paid for the high amount of followers.

And what happens once they sell their company? I would not spend my money on them.

Just my 2 cents …


Yes good words. The radinn is only a bit more expensive then the carver x and with all their marketing they should have Ron’s of customers. But even it that rental stations you barely see radinn. Their business can’t be working, I guess their books are a nightmare. It really seems it’s all about sell out or making a brand popular and don’t care about now cause they have enough money to not make profit by now. Either way it seems to become a customer a that time isn’t the best idea. And if you would wanna have one you should make sure to buy it from a reseller who then is responsible for you

I was one of the rare clients few years ago… The board was too heavy and run time was too low. I dont know about G2X model I never tried it but from videos the turning is still the issue (the board is too wide and has no front rope like jetsurf or ewave to help you turn)

The good thing is that we finally have some choice. Next to the foils from Lift and Flite there is Lampuga and Loawai shipping …