Ray Foil eFoil from Estonia

Another great video from Jetsurfingnation:

Ray Foil is the world’s first eFoil that fits into a backpack! Engineered and made in Estonia by young inspired engineers who want to share their innovation with the world!

The total weight of the foil is only 18kg and you can ride it for 60-80 min! :battery: Battery inside the mast! A real innovation in efoil industry by a small talented startup.

The product first launched in the summer of 2023 and the original small team of engineers has grown out of its shell.

Big THANKS to Mike from @Jetsurfingnation !

Thank you guys. Yes this is a very innovative product, Actually the first commercial solution where we see the battery is inside the mast. Before we only see that as 3D renders and ideas (by takuma) but now these guys made it a reality and it does work and rides as a normal efoil. But it’s lighter for sure.

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