Real life battery range

I’m on the fence guys. I demoed a 5’4 with Surf 250 wing. I am 6’1 230lbs and the board felt small. Battery life is my biggest concern. They say 100 minutes but I’m afraid that those numbers are based on best case scenario, like 90lb pro rider, tiny board, slippery HA wing and a tail wind. Then a guy like me buys a bigger board with Surf 250 or 300 wing and I struggle to get 45 minutes out of it.

On the demo board I needed a setting of 8 to stay on foil consistently. That was on a 250V2. If I go to a 300 wing that will allow mw to foil at a slower speed and theoretically less power, will that increase battery life? Or will the extra drag of the 300 make it a wash or even decrease battery life?

My riding style on my kiteboard is “mowing the lawn”. Other than maybe riding ocean swells and boat wakes depowered (with folding prop), my efoil riding style will be the same. My trick days are over. I’m trying to strike a reasonable balance between ease of learning/riding and battery life.

Are there any larger guys riding the larger boards and wings that can share your battery life numbers? Lift and Lift reps want to dance around the battery life issue with no real answers. I can’t get any real numbers other than how to improve it by removing the prop guard. The fact that no one associated with lift wants to talk about battery life tells me that it can’t be good.

You are very heavy strong man :muscle::muscle:… The measured 1.5-2h hour is for a 70-75kg rider, not for 105kg… It’s just physics…
Enjoy 45m , it’s a great workout if you push the limits hard! cheers!

So show me where it says 70-75kg. This is BS. Lift misrepresent the battery range without question. Their Lift App for a 4’9" F says 120 minutes! I weigh 195lbs and only get 60 minutes, a 40% reduction on their 100 minute claim. To pay $12,000 and have this kind of reduction in ride time is atrocious. Lift need to be honest and outfront giving consumers a lot more specs on ride time based on certain criteria.
I’m not asking for 100 minutes as obviously weight is a factor, but 40% less! Lift replied, and I quote, " with better riding skills, a HA foil and removal of prop guard with a tail cone installed I’ll be able to increase my ride time. Thx Lift, let me find another $1000 dollars to compensate for yr over exaggerated claims.

The app is useless, it does not know your weight and conditions… 60 mins is pretty good for your weight, probably with more skill, HA wing and removing prop guard you can reach 80 min eventually. Cheers!