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Recommendation - 6'4" 210 lb rider

Hello all!! I’m looking to buy my husband a electric board and appreciate recommendations. He is tall and slim (6’4" about 210 lbs). He’s done some kite boarding and surfing but isn’t a pro by any means. We already have wave runners so I’m looking for something that would give him a different experience. We live in Los Angeles and he’d use it on the open ocean. He is more of a cruise around and chase dolphins kind of guy, definitely not getting ready for a competition or anything hyper aggressive. I’ve seen some foil riders at the beaches near us but the riders always seem under 6’ tall so I’m concerned about getting a board that is powerful enough/ properly sized. Thanks for the advice!

Hi @SmithySmith, you have probably seen eFoils from Lift Foils:

These are very reliable products and can handle the weight and height of your husband without a problem. I would recommend a 5’6 Cruiser eFoil with a 250 wing.


Hey there,

I’m 6’1", and a modest 235 lbs. I rode the Fliteboard easily, and have just purchased a Waydoo Flyer ONE. They Fliteboard and Lift efoils are clearly the 2 premiere products available, and both are in the $12000-14000 price range. I ordered the Waydoo for KickStarter Early Bird price of $3750, they are still doing a Kickstarter campaign for $4299, and are wrapping up that campaign in the next 3 days.

Flite and Lift go a little faster, but for a $$8-10,000 savings, I’m going to try the Waydoo.