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Recommendation - 6'4" 210 lb rider

Hello all!! I’m looking to buy my husband a electric board and appreciate recommendations. He is tall and slim (6’4" about 210 lbs). He’s done some kite boarding and surfing but isn’t a pro by any means. We already have wave runners so I’m looking for something that would give him a different experience. We live in Los Angeles and he’d use it on the open ocean. He is more of a cruise around and chase dolphins kind of guy, definitely not getting ready for a competition or anything hyper aggressive. I’ve seen some foil riders at the beaches near us but the riders always seem under 6’ tall so I’m concerned about getting a board that is powerful enough/ properly sized. Thanks for the advice!

Hi @SmithySmith, you have probably seen eFoils from Lift Foils:

These are very reliable products and can handle the weight and height of your husband without a problem. I would recommend a 5’6 Cruiser eFoil with a 250 wing.


Hey there,

I’m 6’1", and a modest 235 lbs. I rode the Fliteboard easily, and have just purchased a Waydoo Flyer ONE. They Fliteboard and Lift efoils are clearly the 2 premiere products available, and both are in the $12000-14000 price range. I ordered the Waydoo for KickStarter Early Bird price of $3750, they are still doing a Kickstarter campaign for $4299, and are wrapping up that campaign in the next 3 days.

Flite and Lift go a little faster, but for a $$8-10,000 savings, I’m going to try the Waydoo.

Have you received your waydoo yet. Would like to see a review from someone in my weight range, the price of the Waydoo is amazing compared to pretty much any jet board or efoil out there but if it is junky and doesn’t last it’s a very expensive towel rack.

Yes, I just got my Waydoo, and took it out first time on Tuesday. Going again later this morning. So far it works great, and am very pleased with quality and performance. Add in the $$$ difference to Flite or Lift, and I can’t tell the difference yet.

From Waydoo specs: "Max. Load: 100 kg / 220 lbs"

I would be very careful so your mast doesn’t end up like this one. The rider said it was his first ride and he never fell on the mast: