Recommendations on jet pump and battery for electric surfboard build

Hi guys,

Im thinking of building an electric surfboard and am looking at parts from MHZ as they seem to be the only place that does this sort of stuff?

Has anyone had experience with the jet 64 pump and can recommend it? Would it go at least 40km/hr with a 95kg rider. I know the jet 80 would be better but the jet 80 doesn’t fit their board so would need a custom board built which I don’t really want to do if I don’t have to.

And lastly does anyone know of a place to look at for building a battery or two to suit this in Australia? Im thinking obviously the bigger the better and would like something around 80Ah.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi…mhz is really too much expensive…if you don’t have place to put 64 jet why don’t install in place two 40mm jet?? You can find them on alibaba for less than 100$ pièce with alu impeller…so two jets…two motors MP 56115 free rchobby or two sss 56123 …two vesc flier 300a…and you’re ok… sorry for my english…