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Reviews of Ewave's product?

Hi hi guys, I’m wondering if anyone has ever used Ewave’s e-surfboard? I’ve read and heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. How is it and would you recommend getting it? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had a detailed review already EWAVE JETBOARD REVIEW | Ewave World's First Dual-Propulsion Jetboard and Efoil - YouTube

it’s a great electric jetboard and a possibility of efoil attachment (which comes at extra cost) but I am not a big fan of such a huge weight to be honest (almost 50 kg)…

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Thank you so much for the video review!!! It is really helpful!!

Yeah 50 kg sounds pretty heavy, is it easier to carry with the wheels? And I’m just in general concerning about the after-sale services and maintenance. Do you think it’s convenient if you’ve ever contacted them for such services?

Thank you so much and have a great weekend!!!

Yes they are very responsive, especially Dana

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