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Rules and Regulations regarding electric surfboard in Australia

Hi, I’m new to electric surfboards.
Does anyone know is there any rules or limitations regarding electric surfboards/battery sizes in Australia?
Thank you.

Check in with Grahame at Wavez [email protected] He carries some brands and knows most of the rules

Greetings Walt, I’m based in Victoria and have recently purchased a Fliteboard. I have been in contact with MARINE SAFETY VICTORIA and they requested I register my board as an “open boat” not a PWC or powered Canoe. There are some new regulations (dispensations) being considered for Efoils, however for the time being In Victoria I have been advised that we are required to have the board registered and hold a boat/ PWC licence to operate in all Vic waters. Until the new amendments are written we will have to operate under the current power boating regulations. I understand NSW has already made it compulsory to operate under their PWC regulations.