Rules and Regulations regarding electric surfboards

Let’s collect the eSurfboard regulations in this post. A few countries have already laws for eFoils and Jetboards. Some do not. This sport is so new that it can be quite confusing and challenging to find out about the locals laws. Please share your experience in your region here.

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Hi, I’m new to electric surfboards.
Does anyone know is there any rules or limitations regarding electric surfboards/battery sizes in Australia?
Thank you.

Check in with Grahame at Wavez [email protected] He carries some brands and knows most of the rules

Greetings Walt, I’m based in Victoria and have recently purchased a Fliteboard. I have been in contact with MARINE SAFETY VICTORIA and they requested I register my board as an “open boat” not a PWC or powered Canoe. There are some new regulations (dispensations) being considered for Efoils, however for the time being In Victoria I have been advised that we are required to have the board registered and hold a boat/ PWC licence to operate in all Vic waters. Until the new amendments are written we will have to operate under the current power boating regulations. I understand NSW has already made it compulsory to operate under their PWC regulations.

I started almost a year ago to put the following article together. Thanks to everyone who helped to collect the information. If you have any updates and/or corrections, please share them here.

Great job for putting this together. Well done!

From Hawaii …