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Safety instructions for electric surfboard batteries


We have learned from the Samsung Galaxy and even Tesla Cars that lithium ion batteries can catch fire.

This gets not better when you are using the batteries in the water.

Read our safety instructions for electric surfboard batteries to minimise the risks:



Since 2017 we have collected Infos on how to best operate, charge and store boards and Batteries. Safety was and is always first priority. We use these instructions in every day operations. Feel free to use, share or comment. You find our SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS under www.ecoboardin.com/service


Thank you! Where do you buy those fire safe big boxes? I could not find on amazon


Great summary, @AxelHafner . If you are okay I would add some of your points to the article.

Hi @Jetsurfingnation, there might be better ones, but I was referring to theses boxes:


Safety is always first. The history of lithium batteries is clear, if not handled or maintained correctly, packs could lead to thermal runaway. We have all seen this in many electric scooters, cell phones and even cars. At Onean we have produced over 1,000 packs so far and we work with the latest battery security mechanisms in the industry, being in this industry since 2015.
In many of our posts we have emphasized the importance of battery maintenance and operation…The power of our battery pack is around 250 times the one of a cell phone, therefore it´s extremely important that these guidelines and safety instructions are followed.
We take this moment to remind every Onean customer of the safety instructions and guidelines.


Sure, feel free to do so :+1:


Would love to see such a test with one of the aluminium boxes above:


This one has following dimensions inside the box:

length = 55 cm
width = 55 cm
height = 22 cm


What dimensions does the Carver battery have?


Here are a few dimensions:

  • ONEAN Carver battery:

365mm wide, 330mm Deep and 120mm tall

  • Elevate.rocks battery:

300 x 210 x 95mm

  • Lampuga Battery:

600 x 300 x 150 mm

  • JetWake battery:

510 x 480 x 110 mm

  • Torque jetboard:

Torque recommends 42cm x 42cm x 15cm at least for the inside area, if you want to add some fireproof material

So the above box would suit most of them, but you probably need some fire-resistant material inside as mentioned by Torque. And even than, someone would need to test it.


It will fit but will it be any help? It seems like those boxes made for transporting of small DJI batteries (2-3 small batteries). I worry such box will give a false sense of security and wont give any help when a bad battery goes in flames.


We got a hint from a manufacturer that he is using the Zarge boxes in combination with a granulate which is melting in the heat and than covering the battery:

It has however never been tested.

Many manufacturers came back to us mentioning that they are working with professional companies for fire protection and dangerous goods packaging to come up with solutions soon.

Our own researches have found that there are no clear guidelines yet (e.g. for electric cars, battery warehouses etc.) as this trend is still new. It seems to be however challenging given the high energy in these batteries.

Most sources claim lithium ion batteries should be pretty safe unless they were build with a design mistake or handled in a wrong way.

It is good that people start taking about this in order to have a safe solution soon.


From what i understand it’s up to the manufacturers to ensure the quality standards, as there is not much end user can do to protect themselves if the battery is poorly done and has no heat / humidity sensors and other safety protections.

handled in a wrong way

this is a problem with jetboards because most are used in the salty water so this ensures it heats and gets cold all the time, creating a lot of stress, pressure and condensation, eventually reducing waterproof seals in poor battery but i dont see how it can be avoided unless we dont use any boards. I think sticking with high quality makers is a way to go long term.


Here is a scary example of poor battery. he did nothing wrong, he was not even in the water so to speak… He was not even charging it when it happened!

Look how quickly it got in flames.

When i ordered chinese power skakeboard i asked to put Samsung battery (they also had their own cheaper crappy one as alternative, almost 2 times cheaper). so far no fires but fingers crossed.


I also had my DJI drone fall into salty water, the battery got completely destroyed, obviously it’s not waterproof even! but it did not get on fire and did not even get any smoke, it was fully intact. This just tells that quality makers like DJI test different scenarios and we dont hear much noise about DJI drone got on fire these days with millions of drones being used.


Speaking of falling into the water… oh boy , i called it, didnt i?

Today my poor staaker drone landed into salty water ocean… it’s probably dead but no fire or smoke came, even though batttery is not waterproof obviously and was filled with salty water while operating. This is how it should be done with electric boards batteries as well.


On a bright side the Sagres box arrived today…

This is the one from amazon… the Sagres website did not reply anything to my questions, they seem german, maybe Andreas will have better luck.

It’s pretty long but narrow. i took the biggest they had on amazon, not sure if it will fit carver batteries?

It fits all the small crappy chinese electric toys i had, aquamarine and the e-board.

then probably we should not close it air tight and put outside into some gas storage ?

Will it save from fires? Who knows… this is not a test im willing to perform.


Hi @Jetsurfingnation the aluminium melts at 600 degrees celsius and the lithium Ion battery will be above that. For the devices you have inside it might be fine. Also good to see that you are storing outside the house.

If you want to be even safer you can add PyroBubbles to the aluminium box. Check the article.

The article at https://e-surfer.com/en/safety-instructions-for-electric-surfboard-batteries/ was constantly updated after we did interviews with fire protection researchers and manufacturers and of course additional feedback from the electric surfboard manufacturers.

Many of E-Surfer manufacturers will release fire resistant storage boxes in the near future.

In the meanwhile I got a quote from Genius Technologies for several solutions. I am uploading them to the article as well.

The forum here doesn’t support PDFs.


Torque jetboards (http://torquejetboards.com) did some good research to come up with a fire-resistant case for storage and charging.

Pricing will be around 500 USD. More info soon …

Watch the test videos here:


New Onean bag

Suitable for storage, charging and transport of Onean Batteries. 
Manufactured with ISO materials specially designed to contain a thermal runaway.
Lightweight and with side handles to facilitate the transport. 
Protects your Onean battery of minor impacts. 


Torque is offering a combination of a steel with a bag included:

It works for all their batteries: iSUP, Xtream and Mongrel.

Custom orders can be produced for other size battery packs.