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Scubajet add-on electric jet power

Hello e-board community. Thank you for looking at Scubajet. I am here to help with any questions you might have about Scubajet, and offer suggestions for foil use and other water sport activities.



Hi Steve

A good question would be why people are expecting to get the Scubajet in 6 weeks as stated by Scubajet but actually 6 months later have not received anything. To make things even worse emails asking what is going on just get ignored. Im sure you agree that this isn’t a great start for Scubajet.

This is such a problem in our industry with Manufacturers making promises that they cannot deliver on. Many companies are operating like this and its such a shame because its gives the whole industry a bad name.

I hope Scubajet has things sorted out and can gain back the trust and faith of the customers and public. It does look like a great product but it would be a shame to spoil it with long delays and terrible customer service.

I dont mean to be too negative and I think you have done well to get this far. The product looks like it has huge potential and I really hope it does well. You seem like a really nice guy and I only wish you success.


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Hi Steve

  1. I hope my scubajet delivery goes in March as promised. I was delayed way too much

  2. Will it work with Takuma foil if I attach skubajet as a base motor under the foil?

we need to issue big apologies to all that expected sooner, and we will do that. I’m travelling to Austria on March 4 to see first hand all things dealing with Production. We are due to have a lot ready to ship, and I’ll know more after I see for myself. I too hope we ship a bunch in March.

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Hi @skiagua,

Do you have an update for us now that you visited your factory?

If someone orders now, when will he receive the scubajet?


We are shipping units now, and our goal is to have all back orders filled by early May. Orders that are being placed now are being promised delivery by Spring of 2018. That puts us some time between May and mid-june, before summer starts. As we make more and know more, I can make that estimate more accurate.
Thank you.

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Im still waiting for mine and will say when it arrives. order 38909, i placed it last october

Hi @skiagua

Here are 2 pictures of my fin box from the Naish Air SUP.

Does the Scubajet standard adapter fit here?


Yes indeed. if you order, simply specify the “slide-in” finbox adapter. It works exactly like your fin

Achtung !!!
kann nicht liefern!!!
Ist evtl. schon Pleite bevor die Firma richtig eröffnet hat!!!
Habe mein ScubaJet im August 2017 !!! bestellt und bis heute (19.05.2018) nicht erhalten, aber im August 2017 über 1500.-€ überwiesen!!!
Bisher nur beschwichtigende E-Mails erhalten.
Nach RĂĽckforderung des Geldes gar keine Mails mehr erhalten!!!
Muss wohl die Firma, damit ich mein Geld zurĂĽck bekomme betreiben!
Also Vorsicht mit Bestellen auf Vorkasse!!!

Hi @skiagua,

May be you can help Robin (entry above). I translated it in Google translator for you:

Watch out !!!
can not deliver !!!
Is possibly bankrupt before the company has opened properly!
Have my ScubaJet in August 2017 !!! ordered and not received until today (19.05.2018), but in August 2017 over 1500.- € transferred!
So far only receiving soothing e-mails.
After reclaiming the money, no more emails received !!!
Must the company, so I get my money back!
So beware with order on prepayment!

You may want to motivate some of your Austrian colleagues to answer german support questions here.

Dies ist absolut UNGĂśLTIG, und bitte kontaktieren Sie mich direkt, um Informationen zu erhalten. Ich bin seit Januar 2017 VP Sales fĂĽr Scubajet, und wir sind Versandeinheiten … Ihre Angaben sind nicht korrekt. Bitte erreichen Sie mich unter [email protected], damit ich Ihnen besser helfen kann. Es stimmt zwar, dass wir nicht alle unsere Bestellungen erfĂĽllt haben, aber wir haben sie in alle Welt geliefert. Tatsächlich gehe ich heute bis Sonntag mit 10 Scubajets zur Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, um in Australien zu liefern, nachdem ich gerade 4 nach Rotorua, Neuseeland geliefert habe. Wir fĂĽllen jetzt jede Woche Backorders aus. Ich lebe in Kalifornien, wenn mich nächste Woche jemand treffen will.
Vielen Dank,

in English…Robin,
This is totally UNTRUE, and please reach out to me directly to get some information. I am the VP of Sales for Scubajet since Jan 2017, and we ARE INDEED SHIPPING UNITS… Your information is not correct. Please reach me at [email protected] so I can help you better. While it is true that we have not filled all of our orders, we have shipped to all around the world. In fact, I am attending Sanctuary Cove Boat Show today until Sunday with 10 Scubajets to deliver in Australia, after I just delivered 4 to Rotorua, New Zealand. We are filling backorders every week now. I live in California if anyone cares to meet me there next week.
Thank you,

Hi, Skiagua, if you need to increase the efficiency of the impeller and nozzle, I can help you. I have the necessary hw and sw for that!

I have not received my order 38909 as well, still waiting since october. I will post once received.

This was the answer from scubajet from the 13.09.2017 !!!

I ordered in August 2017 and payed exactly 1.578€. There are 9 month now and Im still waiting !!! ... and when I asked to get my money back... no reaction. I catched "Sabrina Hanemann" on the phone last week and she promised me that some one from Scubajet will call me back, to clear the situation. Nothing happend till now!!! Now Im realy angry…

Benedikt from Scubajet wrote me September 2017: (now he is no more there ! probably they can`t pay him anymore…)

Am 13.09.2017 um 09:22 schrieb Benedikt Weigand | SCUBAJET:

Hallo Robert,
Danke fĂĽr deine Nachricht. 
Wir bestätigen hiermit den Zahlungseingang.    
Lieferzeit ist bei Neubestellung leider generell 4-6 Wochen, wir versuchen unser Bestes, dir etwas Priorität zu geben und vorher den SCUBAJET zu schicken.

Ich freue mich auf weiteren Kontakt und verbleibe
Mit sportlichen GrĂĽĂźen

Benedikt Weigand

T: +43 463 203049-20
M: +43 664 2453666
M: [email protected] (this mail is no more active)
W: www.scubajet.com

cid:[email protected]

Scubajet GmbH
RosenbergstraĂźe 6
A-9020 Klagenfurt

Hi, when someone gets a ScubaJet, show your impeller and nozzle here. Then I will evaluate their probable hydrodynamic properties here.

I received my scubajet finally after a long wait. Review in january , stay tuned!

So what do you think of your Scubajet - I am still waiting. Has anyone put the Scubajet on their SUP Foil

I tested and will post review on the channel next month. It does not work with efoil, it needs more power .