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SCUBAJET Pro 200 dive scooter - First look and review

How is everyone doing during these tough coronavirus times? Endless lockdowns, self-isolation, depression and never ending quarantines - that’s 99% of videos on my youtube feed now. Everyone is tired of bad news, so lets do something else today. I ordered SCUBAJET Pro last October but it arrived only today, delayed a lot by covid. We are going to test the new SCUBAJET Pro 200 dive scooter and see how it works!
Enjoy some sunny day and stay on the bright side. Stay safe friends!

Nice, @Jetsurfingnation. Mike, how did you get the new version? I am still waiting for my first test kit …

When did you order the new one?

Yes… My old one sank in the lake lol… So i had to order the new one.

How long did it take from order to delivery?

Since october 2019 …