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SCUBAJET PRO - Multi purpose propulsion system

Scubajet is one of the most exciting underwater multi purpose devices. You can use it as a standup paddle board assistant, as a diving scooter, kayak and surfing propulsion, maybe even as efoil in future… Today in our Ask Me Anything Show we meet legendary Steve Johns to find out more about this amazing product.

P.S. Very long and very interesting interview with the industry veteran… Not only on scubajet but also about the industry as a whole and the future of jetboards.


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There is a new similar multi purpose device coming with bigger impeller and better power ratio coming for spring at only 699$ …stay tuned
Interesting. what is the name of the project?

Can you message me with any details? I’m currently unattached to any brand.
Steve Johns

you can reach me at [email protected]

Does anyone know what is max speed what you really can achieve under water with the scubajet pro? I saw there is a new similar product “Lefeet” for 699$ Anyone tested it so far?

I tested both, please see my reviews on jetsurfingnation channel

In short, Scubajet is very slow underwater. Single Lefeet is even more slow. Double Lefeet however is much faster than scubajet underwater. Similar diving time.

Scubajet however is much better for SUP - the speed is great and the shape has much less drag which is awesome for SUP propulsion.

However like Steve once said, it’s not really a race… You are diving not to go “as fast as possible” but instead you want to explore the coral and fish.

For really fast diving maybe expensive Seabob is better.

Very interesting. Thanks for the link to the video review. This is a cool device that really helps you practice boarding on lakes where there are no waves like on the ocean coast.