Scubajet unboxing, review and tests

Here you go

P.S the speed is two times better than Aquamarina Bluedrive but I was not impressed with the range. Today we went out on a lake and I forgot to charge it, with 40% remaining we barely made 1 km and then had to paddle back home :slight_smile: 400kw battery could have more range… The rest is very good, the right step in the right direction! I love it!

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I also liked the idea that you can use it with a diving adapter!

I did not like that you have two remotes instead of one and they are not floatable. I hope all that will be fixed in v2.0

I’m waiting for delivery of something similar from Indiegogo: Compact Sea scooter. It is a modular water scooter - it can also be used for SUP. I would like to use it as the basis of the hydrofoil drive (dual scooter version) with the battery only inside the scooter (about 10 minutes of operation). Surfboard and hydrofoil wing will be ordinary for waves - without drive. Total cost just over $ 2000.

They are all too weak for hydrofoiling. Normally you need 15 km/h speed to lift off. Those scooters give you 5km.h at best. The drag is huge because the unit is too big as well because of the battery which is inside

** LEFEET S1 REVIEW | Diving Scooter | SUP Adapter | Jetboard Rescue Device**

:jack_o_lantern: P.S. Did you notice Spooky Haunted House at minute 7??? :jack_o_lantern:

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LEFEET SUP Adapter | LEFEET S1 PRO Underwater Scooter

Today we are testing LEFEET S1 - The smallest water scooter in the world and their new SUP Adapter! We are also testing Remote Control Extension Kit and Multi-Purpose Mount Kit