SeaRacer by SeaRider

I saw this today on the Boot Dusseldorf.

James Bond had a “proto type” of this in 1977 (I think it was “The Spy Who Loved Me”), and now we can all have one too :slight_smile:

It looks like fun.

Talked to the developer who gave me a lot of info.
They are planning to organize races with it too.
Battery’s used (two) are from their jetboard!

The one on the pictures are the “race” version. They have also more “retro” looking version, but did not arrive intime to show live at this moment. They may arrive withing 2 days.
Apparently this is the final (not a proto type) version.
Quality looked great!

More info here: >> Searider lineup <<

Some pictures from today.

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Yes, it looked pretty cool. I wrote a summary on the blog:

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