Seatfoil electric hydrofoil boat

I had the chance to interview the guys behind the Seatfoil electric hydrofoil boat and will try to test ride it in the coming weeks.

Nice concept, I hope it finds its audience. Reminds me of winter hot tub in Alpes hotel, I hope it comes with seat heating and bubbles :slight_smile:

P.S. Not sure if It’s just me, but I find efoiling sitting to be harder and more challenging than just when I stand. There is much more control and balance in legs and balancing with a butt is pretty hard (when trying the Aladdin trick it takes some practice to sit down and not to flip )

Yes. the developer Peter (Dutch guy) is a cool guy.
I’ve efoild with him several times!

Cool stuff! Do you think there is a significant functional distinction between aluminum mast and carbon?