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Setro electric surfboard = rebranded Blea?

3,499 USD

Maximum speed (80kg users)
65 km/h

Working time (80kg rider at maximum speed)
About 40 minutes

Average Duration (80kg rider)
45 - 60 minutes

Max Loading Weight
100 kg

Product Total Weight
29.5 kg

Shell weight
8.8 kg

Weight of Motor and Controlling System

Yes it is. I asked Eric from Blea about it

The stats look totally fake though. There is NO WAY 30kg electric board will go 65km/h with 80kg rider. Even Jetsurf Titanium, the fastest jetboard cant go that fast. More like 35km/h at best.

Please guys don’t believe everything you read online. Come and test the boards with us and see the reality!

I thought they don’t do rebrands or white labeling

I would suggest avoiding all untested chinese boards.

Yes I know and I have a carver and since yesterday a carver x to arrive, but I also backed blea that’s why im interested in all that news around blea