SiFly DragonFly - Another eFoil Scooter

HyperFly, DragonFly … Wow!

Just one hour after the announcement of the Audi Hyperfly, now the DragonFly from SiFly was announced for boot show in Dusseldorf next week.

Is 2024 the year of the efoil scooters after Flitescooter and Hydrofllyer?

More details after boot.

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yes almost every brand comes up with one… In my opinion it`s basically for schools, rentals or person that are afraid to efoil as those scooters will be much easier to ride. Due to the big boards they basically float and you just hit the throttle and within seconds you are flying…
But it must get pretty boring after time, thats why i think sifly is bringing it as removable scooter bar, then you can use it as regular efoil…
Found a short video, looks super easy so maybe they attract the older generation yacht guys with it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Dragonfly youtube