Sifly efoils? Anyone?

I just happen to stumble upon Sifly efoils. Anyone know anything about this company other than what’s available via their website.
There are some photos on their website that make me believe they have a similar two connection battery setup like Flight. As demonstrated by their images, they have a motor and prop inline with the front wing similar to that of Flight. Wonder if the esc is at the top of the mast and what material the mast is made of. Appears that the board is a carbon fiber/fiberglass composite.

I have been looking quite seriously at getting a Flite board but this maybe promising?

Only time will tell about quality….I guess.

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I always get nervous when a manufacturer website has no imprint. Usually a big red flag. After some searching on their website I found in the terms and conditions that they based out of Sofia in Bulgaria. I think they should put this right on the “contact us” page to build trust.

They posted 4 videos over the past 9 months on Youtube:

It’s surprising that they never popped up here or in the Facebook forums.

Price around 8,900 EUR plus VAT plus shipping.

Currently on pre-order. 50% prepayment, but no shipping date mentioned?

60 and 75 cm mast, different board sizes incl. inflatables


15 kg / 26 lbs

Dimensions (LxW)

190 x 78 cm / 6’2“


up to 45 km/h

Battery life

120 min

Charging time

2 h


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 44.8 Ah / 58.8V / 30 km range


Carbon fibre and fibreglass composite board with a light EPS core

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Thanks Andreas!

I did see that they are supposed to be at an upcoming boat show in Dubai. Not that I’ll be there but exposure is good for them.

I saw their website last summer but it seems did not progress anywhere. Not sure if the production is even going, no dates, no address

They seem to be going to Dubai show

Looks nice so far… at least no china efoil. Their production seems to be in Bulgaria& Romania…

Here’s a new video they released regarding the assembly process.

I’m waiting for photos and/or video of their soft top board. Looks pretty good at a fairly reasonable price point.

Regarding the Sifly efoil, now that it appears they have a final product available, maybe you could get your hands on one and give it your thorough review. I am particularly interested in their soft top board which doesn’t appear to be quite ready but would still be very interested in learning about the design, engineering and quality of their other boards.


Today we meet Alex and Katrin to test their new efoil called SIFLY. In this new SIFLY Efoil Review we test and ride two of their new models targeted for beginners, learners and heavy riders up to 165kg! Great quality of production and advanced electronics set a serious start in the industry for this young company! Affordable price give a chance for anyone to experience the new sport of efoiling!


Great for video. Thanks for sharing. I did one in Cannes as well. Will come shortly.

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Here is another video from Cannes Yachting Festival:

SIFLY Efoil 2023 Model Review | TOW With Efoil Experiment

In this video we are testing the new SIFLY Efoil 2023 Model and also trying how to self tow using an efoil

Hello guys. Sorry for the late reply. We belong to the big European company Daisy and are well backed. Furthermore the efoil is not only assembled in EU… it is made in EUROPE and this is a big advantage for EU-customers. You have full liability and all parts ship directly from the heart of Europe, no shipping, delivery or customs problems… All certification is done and we are just establishing the dealer network for Europe at the moment. Many of you have seen us on Dusseldorf “BOOT” end of January, Dubai Boat Show in March and next will be Boat Show in Spain, Mallorca 27-30.4
This summer you will find more local dealers and schools in germany, austria, poland, switzerland, sweden, spain, italy a.s.o that will be able to show you the new sifly 2023 Line Up.

Outstanding is our newest efoil the Rider Eco model which we are able to offer for 4999€ net. It will ship end of april, so you probably gonna see it on the water around end of may. Thereafter the inflatable will follow in July. We hope for your patience but as you can see Mike of Jetsurfingnation already was able to test the new 2023 Sifly Rider, and he seems to be very happy with quality and features that sifly delivers…

Till then stay tuned on
or check insta #sifly_efoil

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Hi, I just came home from Cyprus and tried the SI-Fly. I built myself five DIY E-foils, tried Takuma, Flite, Lift and I became very surprised about the quality of SI-Fly E-foil. Very professionally made, high quality product. I have talked to the representative company there. It seems to be a good choice, my friend and myself bought two pieces.

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in instagram they say that their new Rider Eco Board will arrive in Europe in the next 2 weeks… For a price of 5000€+tax at this good quality that would really mean a new era in affordable efoils…:wink:
Hope to see some reports&photos here soon :wink:


This brand seems to be promising. I saw on their website they already have several stores now in germany, even one in berlin. Also on their instagram more&more posts are visible from customers…
check #sifly_efoil
On one insta post you can see that their board is same material as waydoo and rest looks pretty much like Fliteboard…except that propguard… :cowboy_hat_face: