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Size for ocean riding?

I’d love folks’ opinions about a 5’ vs 5’6 board (likely with the larger wing). I live in Los Angeles and expect 90% of my riding to be on the ocean. There will likely be a little chop as there’s rarely no wind and it’s not protected. I have some experience with foils from kiting. I’ve ridden the 5’6 and like it but I’m worried that as I ride more, I might get bored and want a more aggressive board. I briefly rode the 5’ and found it a bit squirrelly but it had the higher aspect wing on it, too. (Yeah, yeah, buy all the combos…sadly not an option :slight_smile: ). Thanks!

What is your weight?

I’m 150 lbs/68 kg. (Extra chars for post min)

I would go for a 5’0 board with your light weight. Probably with a 170 wing,

5-0 for sure!!.. you will get board of the larger option quick.

So I own a 5’ and bought it with just one single a wing, a 150….and love it!! Can whip it about, it has speed and I also only ride it on the ocean (albeit some of the bays around Hong Kong where I live are semi-protected at times, subject wind direction). I am just over 80kg, so you are a fair bit lighter. You should absolutely be passing on a 170 wing in my view !!…. ; )

Definitely 5‘0. Most people can transition down after 3-4 sessions. And never look back…

As for wings… it really depends what you want to do with it. If your goal is to just cruise, go with a middle option like 200 classic or 200 surf. If you want it all, get a small one and a large one. I am so happy with the 250 surf (for surfing wakes and small waves) and when I wanna go fast, I put the 170 on. Happy foiling!