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SKYDIO 2 REVIEW for filming watersports πŸ„β€

SKYDIO 2 REVIEW for filming watersports :surfing_man:‍ | IN-DEPTH REVIEW after 50 flights over water :surfing_man:‍♂

This not your usual review β€œI tried it once it’s awesome drone”. We completed over 50 flights over water during the last 3 months using all kinds of setup - beacon, app and remote. We share what worked and what did not work and some tips. Hope you find it helpful if you plan to film watersports!

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Great review and thanks for sharing, Mike.

It is frustrating that there is no reliable, waterproof and auto following drone out yet. And the only hope Staaker went unfortunately out of business. I like my DJI Mavic Pro, but the software auto follow is not reliable. And it is not waterproof neither :frowning:

Let’s hope some company will finally come out with a well functioning water-sports drone soon.

I hope Waveshark will surprise us with their Egg waterproof drone soon!

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Here is my journey on getting into FPV drones to film watersports
(with no prior fpv experience whatsoever)

DJI FPV Drone Review | :surfing_man:‍ Filming Watersports FPV? | 10 DJI FPV Tips