Slow charging battery of Lift-Foil

I just purchased a used 2020 Cruiser-Board in an obviously good condition, and was really happy with it for 3 battery cycles. The charging time was within 2,5h, and everything went great. After the 3. cycle the charger suddenly takes a whole night to charge the battery, but the battery still indicates only green lights on charging.
I found out that the provided Delta-Q-Charger IC1200 can use different charging algorithms, but there is no documentation if Lift really implemented them on the charger.

I just read about the weak quality of the Lift-Batterys, but I dont receive any error displays on the battery-LEDs.

What can I do?

Sounds like a dead cell, from what I’ve been reading. Not much you can do except buy a new battery. I’m on the fence on buying one of these right now because of battery issues.

If I had my hands on a dead battery, I would crack the case open and find the dead cell and replace it. Dead cells seems to be what goes wrong 90% of the time with pretty much anything EV. Could be the BMS, which is inside the battery but I’d bet you have a dead cell.

Our 2022 electric car is on its 3rd battery. The first was a dead cell and coincided with a battery recall. The second was a dead cell. We’re on the third now. Battery technology is the weak link in EV’s and accounts for 1/3 to 1/2 of the vehicle cost. This is why used EV’s have such poor resale value.

Which one? I have a Nissan Ariya on order but with the new regulations it won’t qualify for the federal tax credit. Only a few will, made in usa, batteries sourced here, etc.
Looks like another hybrid in my future.

What car is this? This is not normal at all. I drive 2017 bmwi3 never had such issues and never heard anyone have such issues with the model. If this was the case with EVs the manufacturers will go bankrupt after one year and will never offer 8 year warranty on battery which is the standard.
Efoil manufacturers should work on their tech. If someone has a bad sell, can try some EV repair shops, in my country there are a few who can chaing individual sells and make all kind of repairs.

What did Lift say?
Confused why you asking a message board instead of the manufacturer (who is very responsive).
And there is no “weak battery” with Lift. I’m on every forum and chat with hundreds of owners.
Most battery problems are “solved” with a reset. have you tried that??