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Solirim Jetboard Electric

Another low cost electric Jetboard. China import?

No company address on Website and Facebookpage as far as I can see: solirim dot com
Seems to be a French distributor.

Price: 6,999 British Pounds
Max Speed: 52 km/h
Max charge: 110kgs
Max speed (80kg users): 52 km/h
Autonomy (at max speed) : About 40 minutes
Size: 1750x610x190mm
Autonomy: 30-60 minutes
Total Weight: 42 kg

Material: Durable Carbon Fiber Shell
Weight: 10.3 kg
Size: 1750mm/610mm/190mm

Material: MnNiCo Ternary Lithium, Latest technology, Li-ion Battery
Specifications: 72V / 58Ah
Waterproof Level: IP67
Outer packaging: 304 stainless steel,
Weight: 20 kg
Type Socket: Type replacement rechargeable battery
Plug-in battery: Quick release time 2 minutes
Life: 900 times charge and discharge
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Charger specs: 72V/5A

Weight : 6.7kgs
Motor cooling: System Spread-out Motor for better cooling.

Carton Size: 2000x700x280mm
Gross Weight: 45 KG

Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/UN38.3
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Service available for life

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The importer in France reached me so I looked more into this …
It is probably a white label of this chinese crap 2020 Electric Surfboard Manufacturer Factory Wholesale Price Hot Selling In Uk Canada Usa Eu Countries Bodyboard Jet Surfboard - Buy Jet Surfboard,Bodyboard,Electric Surfboard Product on

I responded to them “(at least fotos are exactly same as on your website and the reverse google search gives me the links of the factory)
you need to be very careful with it in Europe, as the standards here are very strict in terms of marine battery and the voltage, especially in countries like France. If this things gets on fire the or the customer gets shocked by the excessive voltage, you and they can be in a big trouble and it’s bad for the industry as well. Just be careful please with those chinese cheap noname brands. I know it feels profitable first as margins look big but once the boards start breaking after 1-2 uses in the salty water the repairs bills will go through the roof. this happens with every chinese brand like that. I won’t be participating in testing products like that, it’s simply unsafe to use and the factories that make it never actually even test it in the water before shipping.”

solirim page

google image search brings this alibaba listing with same fotos

The factory doing them is called Shenzhen Noodato Technology Co.

From the fotos they post it’s clear that as always everything is assembled manually in a garage with no water tests whatsoever for any of the components, all in a dry environment