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Solirim Jetboard Electric

Another low cost electric Jetboard. China import?

No company address on Website and Facebookpage as far as I can see: solirim dot com
Seems to be a French distributor.

Price: 6,999 British Pounds
Max Speed: 52 km/h
Max charge: 110kgs
Max speed (80kg users): 52 km/h
Autonomy (at max speed) : About 40 minutes
Size: 1750x610x190mm
Autonomy: 30-60 minutes
Total Weight: 42 kg

Material: Durable Carbon Fiber Shell
Weight: 10.3 kg
Size: 1750mm/610mm/190mm

Material: MnNiCo Ternary Lithium, Latest technology, Li-ion Battery
Specifications: 72V / 58Ah
Waterproof Level: IP67
Outer packaging: 304 stainless steel,
Weight: 20 kg
Type Socket: Type replacement rechargeable battery
Plug-in battery: Quick release time 2 minutes
Life: 900 times charge and discharge
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Charger specs: 72V/5A

Weight : 6.7kgs
Motor cooling: System Spread-out Motor for better cooling.

Carton Size: 2000x700x280mm
Gross Weight: 45 KG

Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC/UN38.3
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty, Parts and Service available for life

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A classic scam… Stolen fotos from jetsurf on the webpage , no contact info… Copyright lives in future lol © 2023 by SOLIRIM

Boring to even discuss - > AVOID at all costs!

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