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Someone into electric surfboards?

Hi, I was wondering if there are some people who are also into electric surfboarding. I have an onean carver which is quite nice and I backed blea surfboards. Maybe diy would be a way cheaper way, but I really don’t know too much about building and since it has to be water resistand in too scared.

Hi , I am currently working on one, twin 53mm jets. A guy in England you can find him on you tube. Youngsters jet drives.
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It started out a windsurfer, fairly thick for the battery to fit inside.


Yes I have build 3 boards at least…The most challenging part are the batteries.
Actually we are developing a remote control with some special features :slight_smile:
I am also driving a Jetsurf Race….
Bye Fabian

Looks interesting, keep developing! Cheers!

issue got solved! thankyou so much!!