Split Sheathing on Lift Power Cable from Battery to Control Box

I’m looking at purchasing a used Lift V2 and one thing I noticed on the board is that the white plastic sheathing on one of the two power cables connecting the control box to the plug which plugs into the battery when it’s placed inside the board has a slit in the white plastic sheathing that wraps one of the two power wires, right near the head of the big black connector.

(This is similar to what you’d see on an old pair of iPhone headset wires where the plastic cover to the wires could eventually split , exposing the wire inside.)

In this case its a 1/4 inch copper wire running a high amount of voltage through a cable that gets some exposure to salt water due to riding conditions. Its a wear point. So what I noticed was deep green corrosion coming through the slit.

What they did once I pointed it out was seal it with some type of liquid adhesive and then wrap it in super durable electrical tape. I’m in no way certain that repair will remain water proof.

Is this something anyone else has experienced with their board?

While the connector looks to me like it could easily be replaced, Lift says they dont offer that as a part, and you have to replace the entire $2500 control box.

I’d appreciate anyone’s input.

Thanks all!

Hi @Frothington , can you please send pictures?

This image shows the location of the split. This was after the remediation mentioned above had taken place.

Who is “they”. Private owner or shop or Lift?
What is a Lift batteries voltage? Thought I saw 72v but not sure. Anyway, that’s not really high voltage when household current is 120v. Lots of cars run much higher voltages than that and there are all kinds of connections that are exposed to under hood conditions (wet). Waterproofing products should stay waterproof, so again, who is doing this repair? Would be simple enough to add a layer or two of shrink wrap over that.
Now the salt water and green corrosion I know nothing about. Doesn’t sound great on the surface. Will the rust stop if kept dry now? hmmmm Maybe ask Lift and a forum of electrical geeks.??
You can see the stress on the other wire as it bends for the connector to mount to the battery. I may put some shrink wrap over both wires at that junction just in case.
I think that would give me pause but not necessarily a stopper if the price was right and my due diligence (do the research) suggests it shouldn’t be a problem.

This looks more like a quick fix rather than a long term solution. There are plenty of broken Lift Foils ESCs out. May be you can get one of these for a cheap price and change the power cable. Where are you based?