Sport boats with electric motor over 7,5 kw (10,20 hp) from 01.01.2023 in germany mandatory license!

What a pity … (German version below)

From 01.01.2023 the driving license obligation for sport boats with electric motor already over 7,5 kw (10,20 PS) in the operation mode S1 (continuous operation) according to DIN EN 60034-1: edition February 2011.

For sport boats with combustion engine it remains with the license exemption up to 11.03 kw (15 hp). The recreational craft license ordinance has been amended accordingly. Background: Electric motors have a different performance characteristic for technical reasons.

The torque is applied immediately. In addition, higher power than the continuous power can be called up for a short time. Thus, an 11.03 kW sports boat powered by an internal combustion engine is not comparable to an 11.03 kW sports boat powered by an electric motor.

The referred operating mode S 1 according to DIN EN 60034-1: edition February 2011 is usually attached to the motors.


Ab dem 01.01.2023 besteht die Führerscheinpflicht für Sportboote mit Elektromotor bereits über 7,5 kw (10,20 PS) in der Betriebsart S1 (Dauerbetrieb) nach DIN EN 60034-1: Ausgabe Februar 2011. Für Sportboote mit Verbrennungsmotor bleibt es bei der Führerscheinfreiheit bis 11,03 kw (15 PS).

Die Sportbootführerscheinverordnung ist entsprechend geändert worden. Hintergrund: Elektromotoren haben technisch bedingt eine andere Leistungscharakteristik. Das Drehmoment liegt sofort an. Außerdem können kurzfristig höhere Leistungen als die Dauerleistung abgerufen werden.

Damit ist ein 11,03 kW-Sportboot, das mit einem Verbrennungsmotor angetrieben wird, nicht mit einem 11,03 kW-Sportboot vergleichbar, das mit einem Elektromotor angetrieben wird. Die herangezogene Betriebsart S 1 nach DIN EN 60034-1: Ausgabe Februar 2011 ist in der Regel auf den Motoren angebracht.

What does it mean? You can’t ride big jetboards like on your foto without captain license? but you have it, so nothing changes for you? For efoils with weaker motors no differences?

This was a very surprising new regulation in January. Yes, you are right. Most Jetboards are above 7.5 kW, but eFoils are not.

Why is it a pity? Those boards can go very fast and weigh
enough to do serious damage to someone if struck.
Seems perfectly reasonable to me to have an age and training requirement to be a captain.
In my state we are required to register (and insure) an E foil same as any boat. And the same standards apply, 16 y/o+ and passed a required boating safety course It’s expensive and everyone hates the hassle of course, but still seems like the right course to take to me. JMO

You are right but too much regulation too early can kill a sport before it even grows… If you tell me I need to pass captain license to buy efoil I will never bother :slight_smile: Gladly Andreas is already a captain.

Hi @MLB , we already have such regulations here in Germany for eFoils and Jetboards. Any board above 2.21 kW (3 horsepower) needs to be registered, gets a license number and is only allowed for riders above 16 years.

The “pity” is that the 7,5 kW is only for electric motors. Petrol powered motors only require a sport boat license starting from 11 kW.

This would mean you can ride petrol powered Jetboards without sport boat license and electric ones not.

What is the power of Fliteboard, Audi efoil and Awake efoil?

They are around 4,5 - 5 kW