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Sport Instruments eFoil / Jetboard - Is this a scam?

Hi all,
I’m new to e-foiling, and have just had a couple of lessons and now looking to purchase at the cheaper end of the market.

Does this like like a scam? Price seems very good.
Thanks for any insight!

Of course. There is no such thing as 45% OFF in this industry… Stay away

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for sharing. I have to say the website is very well made and looks legit. But as Mike mentioned this discounts cannot be real.

Thanks - I’ve just seen your separate thread for reporting scams, and I should’ve put this in there, so apologies.

They got the team picture under “Contact Us” and “About us” link from another website.

It’s a picture of a jetski gathering, and I think that this is the original website where the picture came from.


Oh wow! Good find - thanks!

Also found this one, but feels less like a scam? They can be found on Facebook etc…

Dont buy anything from scammy website. Reach your LOCAL dealer that you can physically visit and ask in case of issues.

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The Takuma Cruiser V2 E-Foil is exclusively sold via Decathlon, no other channel is supported.

I got mine Friday, and am returning it today: the mast bent in the first riding session, and the remote charger isnt working…

Unfortunately I dont see any other E-Foils in that price range, and I am not willing to spend the double price for a Flightboard…

Wow, that’s so disappointing, especially since it’s a version 2 model!

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I would suggest to get a proven Fliteboard or Lift. If money is an issue, get a used one, it’s almost same price as those cheaper efoils but at least you are getting a trusted and proven system with a great support team.

Remember there is no such thing “same but two times cheaper”… You get what you pay for. It’s just a reality

Definitely can’t afford top end unfortunately, so I’ll keep an eye out for second hand perhaps. I wonder what makes the mast bend though?

This ist the picture of the Takuma after the first ride, as you can see the mast is bend to the left at the connection of the board…

check out the Waydoo Flyer One

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