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Sport Instruments eFoil / Jetboard - Is this a scam?

Hi all,
I’m new to e-foiling, and have just had a couple of lessons and now looking to purchase at the cheaper end of the market.

Does this like like a scam? Price seems very good.
Thanks for any insight!

Of course. There is no such thing as 45% OFF in this industry… Stay away

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for sharing. I have to say the website is very well made and looks legit. But as Mike mentioned this discounts cannot be real.

Thanks - I’ve just seen your separate thread for reporting scams, and I should’ve put this in there, so apologies.

They got the team picture under “Contact Us” and “About us” link from another website.

It’s a picture of a jetski gathering, and I think that this is the original website where the picture came from.


Oh wow! Good find - thanks!

Also found this one, but feels less like a scam? They can be found on Facebook etc…

Dont buy anything from scammy website. Reach your LOCAL dealer that you can physically visit and ask in case of issues.

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