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Stealth E-Surfboard?

Hey guys, Im looking at buying an electric board, I’ve been looking at the Ewave V2, now I’m Swaying more towards the Stealth E-Surfboard From because it’s weight limit I’m 100 kg and the stealth says 110kg limit plus a lot more minutes ride time …has anyone had much to do with this model? I can’t find to many reviews or utube videos on this model.

Stay away from all that scam please - save your money.

It is some nonsense website, they just listed several generic alibaba products with double the price.

The stats are complete lies and bullshit as well.


Material: Carbon Fiber
Size: 1880610170mm
Total Weight: 29.5kgs / 63 Lbs
High Capacity Battery: 72V/40A
Battery Weight: 14 kgs / 30 Lbs
Max Speed: 60 Km/Hr / 37 Miles
Duration at Max Speed: 60 mins
Average Duration: 60 to 90 mins
Max Rider Weight: 110kgs / 243 Lbs
Battery Material: Ternary Lithium
Battery Replacement: Quick Release
Battery Life Span: 1000 Charges
Charging duration: 90 mins

anybody who has at least tried any electric boards knows it’s complete nonsense… 60 to 90 min riding time lol? More like 15 mins. Even jetsurf electric (the best currently in electric market) can’t reach more than 30-35 min for a heavy rider.

ewave at least has legit dealers in EU and US.

Yeah the ride time on any electric equipment they always exaggerate times lol, I rang the company in Canada that ships them, and they reckon they sent one to a guy in Adelaide last week I said give him my email and tell him to email me his thoughts on it…still waiting.

Funny how there is not one video about that board on utube, plenty of others though

All these boards are a scam.

That’s why you wont see any real buyer or any real review online on them. Nobody in his right mind will buy them and even if they do - they will break before you put it in the water.

I made a detailed video explaning why generic “no name” chinese boards from alibaba is a waste of money. Beware.

Here’s one in Sydney (not) you message the seller and they give you a number to contact which is in Canada…

So how do you know your getting the real deal? I guess I’ll find out soon

I’m going to test ride an ewave v2 6000 electric board in a few weeks in kotara

Stay tuned …

So you reckon surfskatefly are dodgy? Or just alibaba ?

Even in the surfskatefly Facebook and Instagram there’s not one video or picture or mention of the stealth e board hmmm

Well I took the Ewave v2 6000 for a test ride, harder then I though it would be, had a really sensitive trigger, it only had tiny fins on the sides and no big centre one like in the pictures, plenty of power though, struggled getting up a few times, but I like it, I could get used to it anyway

Going to test ride a raddin next and make a decision which is best for me,

Please share your opinion and how they compare

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Will be interesting to see what the 5k plus difference is

5k difference? Ewave and radinn are same 10k