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Surf Wings, V1 vs V2

Was wondering if anyone has tried an original Surf wing vs the V2. Specifically an apple to apples comparison, like a 250 V1 vs 250 V2 or 200 V1 vs a 200 V2.

Wondering if you noticed any difference between how the V2 rides vs the V1.

I’m also wondering what improvements in ride time you might have experienced switching to a V2.

I currently have an original 250, and love it. I have come to love the low speed ridding, maneuver at low speeds, etc. But I’m considering a V2 250, just wondering what the differences are, if it’s different enough to be worth it.

I will also be getting a folding prop and an HA wing(s) as well for my e2 Sport eFoil.



I have a 200 Classic, 200 v2 Surf and a 2021 200HA. I like the extended ride time of the HA and it is so blunt that it tends to throw me off when I ride in kelp, The 200 Classic is easier and more stable, so I use it mostly for noobs and it gives the shortest ride time,

I am 200# and get ~45min on 200 classic and perhaps an hour on the v2 200 and 1h15 min on the 200HA all with the tail cone cowling rather than prop guard. There is a 3D printed version available on ebay and facebook marketplace Redirecting...

I love my Surf 150 wing with a folding prop!

@yojamey, it’s always good to hear others experiences with the different wing setups. I currently ride with the stock prop and prop guard and I have a 170 Classic and the 250 v1 Surf with the 50 back wing. I’m also about 200#.

With the 170 Classic I normally get about 55 min of ride time, but that thing screams for speed, I normally average around 16 mph on it, not unusual to hit 20.

With the 250 v1 Surf I get around 75 min of ride time, but I average more around 11 mph. Slow, relaxing riding, and learning to maneuver, hard turns while going slow, I’ve found that enjoyable.

@Bernd has inspired me, I think I’m going to order a 250 HA and a 170 HA. I’m also going to get a 32 Glide and 38 Surf rear wings. I’m thinking that will give me lots of great combos to master. And I can try my 250 Surf v1 with the 38 Surf rear.

I’m hopping with the folding prop that my ride time, even on the 250 Surf v1, will be over 90 mins. Also hoping the HAs will allow me to do some wake thiefing on the lake next summer.

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Hi @beach-tj
Honestly, every wing and every front wing/back wing combo have their place.
So I guess, what I am saying is… get them all if you can :wink:

Merry Christmas to you all!