Taking an electric jetboard with you on the plane?

Hi guys, a question…
How do you fly on holiday with your electric jetboard? no airline takes the board, not even a transport company, like DHL or something… Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong or did I just buy the wrong board:(

The board is no problem, but the batteries are dangerous goods and not allowed on passenger planes.

You have to send the batteries separately by an authorized freight forwarder or rent batteries at your holiday location.

Thank you for your quick answer, unfortunately no shipping company in Austria takes the battery.

and unfortunately there are no rentals in Gran Canaria

Do you happen to know whether you can rent a jetboard in Gran Canaria?

DHL will take the battery.

Hello, no DHL in Austria does not take the battery because the battery has 3.5 kW.

I see, that’s big! For comparison, the largest of the 3 Fliteboard batteries is only 2.1 kWh.