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Takuma E Foil Issued

Evening All, Newbie here…just taken delivery of a brand new Takuma EFoil and I may be regretting going cheap.

Straight out of the box I’ve got an issue.

I had everything connected, testing as per the online videos, when everything stopped working after about 15 seconds.

Now when I connect a fully charged battery, all I get is a red light on the ESC, a click noise and then everything cuts out and the battery won’t turn back on until its fully disconnected.

It’s not even got wet !

Anyone experienced any issues like this ?

Thanks in advance.

Takuma eFoil

Did you contact their support team? Was it from Takuma or from Decathlon?

A Takuma dealer. Just in the process of putting a warranty claim together as no one seems to know the issue or want to assist without an official claim.

Did you actually run the motor during those 15 seconds? Because that is quite a long time without cooling.

Hi! How to solve ? I have the same problem