Takuma etow self tow

Takuma released etow - First self-controlled
electric towing watercraft. Very interesting but the price is steep

Love the concept even though it’s not new. But the reality/legalities of using that in the surf?? 75kg hitting someone is not going to be pretty. Also at that weight, you will need a few people to carry it down the beach. It almost feels as much effort as just buying a jetski (similar price) but then having the safety of someone towing you or coming to pick you up when you are in the zone or injured. Just feel having a jetski has more advantages. Also easier to get to outer reefs.

It’s a novelty thing and probably for a group use only. I cant imagine anyone going completely alone with 75kg remote controlled mini-boat into the breaking waves, at the same time carrying somehow a foilboard, remote control, and controlling it all together…Probably for a group of friends it could be cool, one is contolling the etow, another is foiling, then they switch… The advantage is jetski is much heavier and requires a trailer, launch place, storage in marina etc… This one can be stored and transported on a beach cart by 3-4 people easily.

It can be also used in a remote lake for rentals where you have no other people… I am afraid Andrea’s lake packed with SUP boarders will not allow it.

Also i am sure lightweight people will be able to use it for wakeboarding as well, not just foiling which might be more fun on the flat lake

Seems more geared towards surf schools, especially considering the price. During an hour or two with that thing, you probably progress more than without it in a day. Alternatively you would need someonetowing you with a jetski all the time. This way, one instructor can supervise maybe 3-4 people with etows.