Takuma jet efoil

This was recently announced in of the Facebook groups:

Here is the new jet efoil from Takuma! Needless to say that since there is no more propeller, the reduced drag allows riders to surf on a wave simply by releasing power ![🏄🏻‍♂️

EfoilSurf Takuma Canada was convinced we could do better on safety for efoilers… so Takuma and Yamaha collaborated and came out with this jet pump. We had the chance to receive the first one at the beginning of last September and to try it before winter… it is definitely a revolution in the world of efoiling.

After Audi and Awake the 3rd eFoil with jet propulsion.

Good to see many of the brands out there invovating but, with that massive motor pod I can’t imagine the drag being that low compared to other brands for surfing a wave.

The motor is not that massive at all as in old takuma. it’s more or less same size as lift on new carver 2

Good to hear, just looks big in the pictures and not as sleek/hydrodynamic as some others.

Doubt if it would be any more efficient than the propellor version.
Surely a folding propellor would be best of both worlds.
Ok, it would be safer if thats what you want.
Looking to pull the trigger on a board soon.

How could it be more efficient? It’s not an actual jet obviously. No pressurized fuel mixing with air to create a super fast yet of heated gas.
Nope, just “looks” like one…
Can’t even be an intake side, so it’s really just a nicely protected (and flow reducing)propeller in a tube. Isn’t it???

But looks BITCHING!

They now put a website online in Canada with more details. Link below.

Sounds like it is only available in Canada at this time. I am wondering about a 3kW motor which is not a lot. Especially for a jet like propulsion,

The eFoil Carver 2 Jet® board from TAKUMA®

This new generation brings many modifications from our famous eFoil Carver®, now recognized throughout the world.
The new design of the Carver 2® dramatically reduces drag and vibrations, which optimizes comfort and improves control for an unforgettable carving and gliding experience in rough or calm seas.
The TAKUMA® eFoil Carver Jet® - Authorized in Canada

  • The Carver 2® board is now lighter and more compact. Its optimized volume offers incredible performance and more instant responsiveness
  • Propulsion by hydrodynamic JET Turbine (HO-V5) high velocity by logo yamaha
  • We’ve reduced the size and weight of our Electronic Speed Control (ESC), making the eFoil lighter, reducing battery consumption and allowing longer sessions
  • New external Bluetooth antenna for a foolproof connection, even under the waves and before takeoff for heavier riders
  • Addition of strategically placed handles for easy carrying and boarding
  • Insertion to the hull of attachment points for a handle used with a trolley to help transport to and from the beach

The high-velocity JET hydrodynamic turbine (HO-V5) propulsion module by YAMAHA®

A turbine is necessary and required by Transport Canada for operation in Canadian waters. canadian flag

The turbine ensures that the user has no way to be injured by the propulsion system, unlike propeller models .

Turbine propulsion module by YAMAHA® exclusive to TAKUMA®

  • Hyper efficient, powerful and safe JET turbine propulsion with a 3kilowatt brushless motor designed exclusively for TAKUMA® by our partner logo yamaha
  • We have redesigned and modified the profile of our anodized aluminum mast to improve its rigidity and hydrodynamic performance by eliminating drag and wave impact. Resulting in decreased vibrations and allowing the effect of gliding or flying above the water.
  • The weight and the powertrain were also reduced by using high-end components and materials while allowing speeds over 30km/h.
  • Premium quality 43.2V - 35Ah Li-Ion battery pack built exclusively for TAKUMA® by logo samsung— Same cells as logo tesla
  • Quick charge (charger included) - With visual charge level.
  • Autonomy of about 90 minutes. (depending on the using conditions).
  • New reinforced 65cm mast with innovative top assembly plate design.


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Looking nice. Where we can buy this?

@AndreasLion, only in Canada at this time, but you can get a jet powered eFoil in Europe as well:

TAKUMA JET EFOIL | Testing new model Takuma Efoil Cruising 2 Jet

Nice! How would you compare it against Audi and Awake Vinga?

Takuma is almost 2 times cheaper than Audi and Vinga, so not sure how I can compare them? Like comparing Kia and Audi ? Takuma is great for its price level, a solid beginners board. Big size is great for rentals.

'because you don’t SEE the propeller. :wink: