Takuma out of business? Bankrupt?

What is going on with the eFoil & jet board industry?

Onean = bankrupt

Radinn = bankrupt

Rumors about Waveshark and Scubajet to be bankrupt. Now rumors about Takuma being bankrupt?

Yes waveshark is bankrupt, not a rumors. But the funny thing is that the guy from waveshark is still believing themself can make some mark on the efoil market. Therefore now those guy has set up a new company making efoil all over again.

I am not sure, if Takuma is bankrupt just because the CEO and founder is leaving, but there are certainly too much efoil manufacturers and the market is not big enough for so many manufacturers.

I assume more companies will die over 2024 and 2025. Honestly, I am very skeptical about any new efoil or jet board brand still coming new to the market.

The same is true for resellers. There are too many new players who still think they can jump on this train. After one year most of them are realizing that their warehouse is still full.

Just my two cents.

Unfortunately it seems like jetboards were a novelty trend that could never grow big enough to go mainstream. I was always hoping it could grow but the day never came and eventually all those brands faded away… As for efoil industry, the companies like Fliteboard are so much ahead of completion that it’s really hard for new brands like waveshark to stay relevant, there are just too many variables, wings, mast sizes and waveshark was just too generic and expensive to offer any value.

Then in 20201/22 too many new brands tried to jump on board of efoil novelty with little to no value and quickly went bankrupt.

Interesting how the market will evolve next years… lets see

Well I think there is no proof so far, for takuma being bancrupt, allthough they are not selling strong at the moment. But definately it is very difficult to remain in this market with decreasing prices. It is obviously very tough for efoil companies with those prices from Waydoo & Sifly starting below 6000€. On the other hand it made efoiling afordable for almost every one… So in my opinion only Waydoo, Sifly and probably Fliteboard in the high price segment will survive… :wink:

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Not so sure about Waydoo and SiFly. If you look at the Jetboard brands it were the cheaper brands such like Onean and Radinn who failed. Lower price = less margin = cheaper components = more support cases = less budget for support.

Another one. Manta 5: