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Teaching Kids on Efoil?

  1. I am wondering how hard is it for kids to learn efoil and what age you start?
  2. I just saw the new “Ninja Kids video” and those are most athletic kids doing amazing tricks but they barely manage to stand up.

Officially the manufacturers suggest eFoils and Jetboards from an age of 16. At the end it is the decision of the parents.

The pictures below are showing my son Mats with 9 years. I never let him on the eFoil without me being very close on either a 2nd board or on the boat. Normally he is wearing a helmet and life vest. This was an exception for the photo shooting after many hours of practice with both parents around.

Yes, very impressive but can you explain more how long it took to teach and what steps you took?

Actually it was much easier to get him up than with most adults. We took time to be careful, but he was flying after 30 minutes. This is because he is with 35 kg so light weight that he can stand on the eFoil at no speed.

No need to lay on the board, knee on the board and stand up. Just stand on the board and start with gear one. Gear 2 etc. He can fly on gear 3 of 15.

Make sure you beginn on flat water with now waves and wind.

Yes kids learn it so easily, just be cautious and good idea to follow them with boat or second board, in case something happens and be aware not all countries allow kids using a water vessel;-)