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Temperature battery charger

I am just charging the battery of my new Blue Drive Power Fin and the temperature gets way above 50 degrees celsius.

Do I need to get worried?

I have not charged mine yet. Did you ask the manufacturer if it’s normal?

I send them a note through their website: http://www.aquamarina.com/h-col-113.html

No reply yet.

I think transistors and condensers are good for 100 degrees celsius, but from the picture it is hard to tell how hot it is inside.

Everything above 40 degrees celsius sounds too hot for me. Looks like the charger is undersized for the battery pack.

Here is the reply from Aquamarina:

This is Mary from Aqua Marina China service center. Your message is well received.
I’m double checking the details with our engineer team, will get back to you later.

After double checking with our engineer team, the Temperature battery charger is normal.

Best Regards,

Me: Thanks for the reply. It seems too hot though. What is the maximum temperature allowed?

The temperature will be cool down after charger.
If during charger, temperature at above 50 degree is quite normal. We have internal testing on that. Please take easy to use.

Best Regards,

I am not really convinced. :disappointed:

I guess @Andreas is right. The charger is probably undersized.

You get what you pay for :wink: