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The OLD versus the NEW Lampuga

Hi there,

I am reading always about the NEW lampuga and the OLD Lampuga.

I don’t get it. Can someone fill me in?


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Hi Mats.

The old Lampuga would be all boards made and sold before 2018 which is before the original Lampuga went bankrupt and closed dow.

Lampuga made the inflatable Air boards which I personally love because they are loads of fun, quite powerful, very well made and can fit into any size car. It really is one of my favourite boards and I still have 6 of them.

Lampuga also made the very expensive Boost and Boost GTR. This board was made terribly and the workmanship was extremely poor. I bought two of these and one never worked from day one. The other broke after two months. The boards were over 20,000 each and were a complete disgrace to Lampuga and the industry.

The new Lampuga are any new boards that will get sold by the new Lampuga company from 2018 onwards. They have not been released yet so we haven’t tested them but they look amazing and the style and improvements most certainly do look good. They are still the boost and the Air so same boards but greatly improved.

I still buy and sell the old Lampuga Air boards but I will highly recommend that nobody touches the old Lampuga Boost boards.



Hi Mats,

thank you for your interest in Lampuga!
Wayne summarized our Situation very well and I hope you will be enthuse about our new boards.
Check it out at

Best regards
Team Lampuga