Tko type - 001 jetboard

New Jetboard from Singapore. Pre-order for 2023. 25k Singpore Dollar = 13,000 USD. Plus tax and shipping.

The TKO 001 is made of carbon fiber and can be used not just in salt waters but also in rivers and lakes. The board is 5.9 ft (approximately 180 cm) long, packs a 12 kW motor, and can hit speeds over 55 kph (34 mph) and article claims. It has some foot straps.

Looking at battery closing handle, thumb remote control and general shape - we can feel like it was “inspired” by Awake ravik 3 :wink:

Spiderman on jetboard? Today we are testing the new jetboard from Singapore by thekineticoption - The TKO TYPE - 001 electric jetboard

p.s. at first look i was thinking it’s awake exact copy but at closer look I can see it’s very different except the battery shape. The jet, connectors, remote all different

Nice job!

The quality looks quite good on video. But the battery is a bummer :wink: