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Top 10 eFoils and Jetboards - Best Electric Hydrofoils

Which board do you expect the most in 2020?

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Here is the full list by Andreas:

Most important for everyone to remember - try before you buy!

If we have learned one thing in the last 3 years, it is that it is one thing to deliver 3D renderings of products or even a full working prototype. But to build a **reliable and safe product** in mass production is a completely different story and it usually **takes much longer than expected.** I am not aware of any manufacturer who was not facing delays and sometimes these were up to 2 years. So coming back to the term “best electric surfboards and eFoils” we feel safte to say that the **best boards are the boards who are shipping** . The good thing about the internet and social media is that it makes the products transparent. Once they start shipping you will see **people posting about them. Either good or bad.** We are monitoring this very closely.

Want to know the worst??? I’d be glad to write a review.

What are the worst? and why

I’m not going to name names…yet. I’m negotiating with the f***ing Chinese factory for a new mast/motor. They are literally putting me through a Chinese firedrill. They’ve already replaced the board due to poor hatch design and shitty electrical that failed after 3 weeks.

Although I do have a Lift. Fabulous product.

Top 10 eFoils and Jetboards - Best Electric Hydrofoils 2020

Updated video about top 10 efoils and jetboards is ready for secondary channel.
I removed the problematic Lift content, added section about Avante, Twin, and Torque and mentions of ewave efoil and new eWake!

Cheers! Keep on riding!

What efoils do you prefer? Here is our new short list

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