True Glide vs Jet vs Foldy Comparison

Depowered efoil riding on the waves is the best efoiling experience
ever! In our last video we tested a folding prop in the waves but now
we have a new Fliteboard Ultra 2.2 with a true glide and two new wings

  • Flow 1300 and Flow S 1300 to test it in the beautiful waves in
    Baleal, Portugal. I will also compare True glide prop vs Jet Efoil vs
    Folding prop to share my impressions on riding each of them - pros and
    cons of each prop.

Special thanks to Julien Cosson for providing me with a new Fliteboard
Ultra and a true glide prop to test it in the waves!

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Wow. Nice job! You are getting a wavering pro. Next stop Nazare :wink:

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Nice review! Can’t wait to see those Nazare videos!

Im not going to nazare lol. Efoiling for me is about having fun, not about challenging the biggest waves guys! Actually i prefer smaller waves, they are much more fun to ride and less scary also! cheers

Greetings from the land of OZ, home of the brave & Fliteboard., another very enjoyable video.
Mate, Don’t forget though " The thrill is directly proportionate to the risk" and you never know how far to far is until you’ve been there, at least twice.
Have a good one & keep up the great work.

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Another great video! Thanks!