Ultra Foil Electric Foiling Surfboard

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Ultra Foil Electric Foiling Surfboard:

Hison is white labelling their E-Foil, which is available under different brand names.

One of the brands is Ultra Foil Electric Foiling Surfboard:

Ultra Foil, a Frontier Watersports LLC product
808 N. Central Avenue, Unit B
Wood Dale Illinois, 60191


Average Speed 15 - 20 mph

Top Speed 28 mph

High Efficiency Electric Motor

Full Carbon Foil

Wireless Waterproof Controller

Battery Life 90 minutes

Battery Charge Time 4 hours

Powerful Thermally Protected 36V Lithium Battery 40 ah

Board Size 6.9’ x 2.8’ x 4.75"

Foil Depth 2.75’

Weight of Board, foil and motor 66 lbs.

Around 6,000 USD


I purchased an Ultrafoil version 1 in January, 2019 from a vendor on eBay. What a piece of junk. Very cheap plastic latches on the battery compartment that are constantly breaking. The supposedly watertight electronics compartment leaks and when the electronics get wet they fail.
The electronics are cheap and failed rather quickly. I got a few good rides out of it when it actually worked but it is now broken and I have not been able to ride for months. The vendor promised to replace it but has not done so thus far. Don’t waste your money on this thing

Thank you for exposing the scammers. It will be lesson for everyone else, hopefully people will see now why companies like lift and flite are so expensive and that post-sales repairs and service is very important. Sorry again about your troubles