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V2 of my jetboard is done!

a very short video about my 2nd build jetboard.

The maiden (shown in the video) was done with a 6S battery.
Top speed that test was just over 30 km/h

I’ve got a 12S ready to go in, and will use it next week (weather permitting)

Things still missing at this moment are foot straps and fins.
I will add them when the exact standing position on the board is known.

The board is just over 100 liters.

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Seems you are having fun, that is most important thing in jetboarding!

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Nice board guys. And impressive performance on 6s. Looking forward to seeing what kind of performance you get with 12s. Will you swap out the motors for lower kv motors or have you found a way to dial back the rpm when you double the voltage.?
Looks like fun :call_me_hand:t3:

Small video of yesterdays 12S12P test run.

We used custom impellers in the jets, and they were causing cavitation with the higher RPM.
Because of this and the board being very slippery, standing on the board was difficult.
We will add EVA mats later when done testing.

Unfortunately the phone inside the battery box did not get a GPS lock (due to being from carbon?), so no speed data (for now).

More and better video soon…

Any Garmin watch is ideal for measuring speed. I use a bike mode with an extension of the distance from the starting point. It is quite practical to know if I will be able to return to the starting point. Time, speed, distance, heart rate, etc. are recorded.