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Vanace Jet Surfboard

Another Jetboard from China. The Vanace Jetboard:

Looks not too powerful on the video, but the specs promise more:

Looks like the surface must be slippery?

Price is fob shanghai $ 4999 per unit according to the sales agent.

More info at:

Changzhou Vanace Environment Technology Co.,Ltd

Looks like a total BS to me. Stats are pure BS (60km/h faster than jetsurf, come on now!) working time 30-60 min, wtf.

57 kg is a joke. Same as the shaky video.

What you get is heavy slippery piece of junk that will break after first use and move at 15km/h at best based on the video


It’s not worth the money! A month ago, I bought the same. Now I sell it for 1800 Euros!!!

Tell us honest stats…

I am 75 kilograms. I reached 20-25 km/h at full throttle. .

20-25? on the video you are struggling even to stand up because it’s so slow, more like 5-10km/h

May be, you are right . I’m not expert and I did not mesure it whit GPS. Next week I’m going to make video whith another boards problems, and I’will chek it more accurate.

Take iphone in a waterproof bag and put runtastic app, it will measure your speeds, distance etc.

Also remember choppy day reduces your speed a lot. calm day with no wind will give you more speeds.

Why did you buy that?

For a moment, the board accelerated and reached a much higher speed than in the video, maybe 35-40 km / h, but after that it stopped working :(. I could not achieve it again to measure it.
The good news is that the Chinese vendors promised to refund my money.
Wе will see…
I will keep you informed.

This is a confirmed scam. They are using the stolen images from other brands