Volt 3 EFOIL Mantafoils

The Volt 3 EFOIL Mantafoils came just up on Youtube:

Volt 3 EFOIL Mantafoils specs:

  • 65 cm and 85 cm mast

  • 1350 and 1600 front wing

  • 110 (max rider weight 89 kg) and 145 liters (max rider weight 10 kg) inflatable boards

  • 65 (max rider weight 84 kg) and 95 (max rider weight 89 kg) liters carbon boards

  • 3 to 4.5 hours charging

  • 120 minutes riding time

  • 50 Ah 2.6 kWh battery

  • 6KW power

  • 40 km/h max speed

  • 40 km range

  • 32 kg weight (depends on board and mast length)

  • water-cooling

  • Price from 7895 to 9525 USD plus VAT & shipping

  • spare battery 2790 USD plus VAT & shipping

Red flags:

No company information on website: mantafoils dot com
May be from Dubai?

Interesting stabilizer designed into the prop guard:

Very unusual stabilizer linked with a prop guard. Not sure what to think of it, usually pro riders are removing the prop guard so how will they remote this one? Need to find out more, very interesting. Yes they are from Dubai.

Yes saw them already cruising through the marina in dubai and according them there are already some models of the Volt2 delivered in Europe… The “unusual stabilizer linked to propguard” is not that unusual… It works fine… Just go ahead and setup your efoil without the stabilizer and if you are experienced rider you will see that you can efoil without a stabilizer at all :wink: So that design with small micro stabilizers is actually quite smart :+1:

A deeper look into new Volt 3 Mantafoils efoil