Water in battery compartment

Is this a normal amount of water to be in the battery compartment? I’ve had my Fliteboard pro for about a month. I will include pictures. I appreciate any feedback.

There shouldn’t be any water in the Battery compartment. I had Fliteboard for 3 years with never a drop. Contact Flite service before using again.

yes you should have no water in the compartement. I think it says in the manual that it has to be repaired at your next dealer (probably seal exchange) in such a case…

I had the same, i just made the closing clips a bit thighter so that the cover pushes a bit more on the gummie (seal)

EVERYTHING under the hatch is waterproof. It is no concern that there is SOME water in there. Normal. You can adjust the clamping force to make them tighter if needed. (harder to get open then)

This shouldn’t happen. Not to worry. The seal is good. The secret are those closing clips. Just make them tighter.

Thanks for the feedback. I will tighten the hatches and if it’s still leaking I’ll get it serviced.