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I keep getting questions about this website

  1. They keep blocking traffic from EU , you need VPN to see it
  2. The website is from indonesia
  3. All the prices are completely wrong. There is NO SUCH THING as " Discounted electric surfboard"
    All these boards are in high demand and of course you can find some old second hand jetsurfs for 5-6k but you will NEVER buy a NEW CONDITION jetsurf or ravik for 5-8k. A pure BS.


I will add that many images and descriptions are also wrong as they have no clue what they are doing and “selling”. Like on the foto above Old Jetsurf Race is listed as “NEW CONDITION JETSURF RACE TITANIUM” lol for 6.5

See real prices on

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Thanks for sharing, Mike. It’s sad how many SCAMS are out. BTW, I can access the website without VPN.

Alright… Did you see their prices? What a mess

Yes, unbelievable.

May be cheap duplicates.

I tried to order 20x Carver. The price of transport was still the same as for 1 piece - $ 227. In addition, they can hardly be in stock when the manufacturer has sold them out. The boys have their deception somehow unfinished.